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“She thought I’d be ideal, because I’m always up in trees and I always whistle to the birds. ” But don’t think for a moment Michael, 56, is Sammy’s owner, this is strictly a shared enterprise.“I wouldn’t have him in a cage, he’s here for as long as he wants to be,” said Michael."Barney's got a really high opinion of himself and he certainly likes to think he's my favourite out of the pets.He's not – but I would never tell him that."Mr and Mrs Sullivan own three dogs, Alsatian-Collie cross Harry, 12, Cairn terrier Tilly, three, and her son Bluey, eight-months.The bird was initially identified as a yellow crowned or yellow naped Amazon parrot, but Lentz said it's actually a Meyer's parrot, which is native to Africa. Werkheiser expressed her gratitude to many individuals who left phone messages and emailed her with tips or just to thank her and Young for going out of their way to care for the lost animal.The only foolproof way to keep a bird from flying away is to have its wings clipped, according to Lentz. Owners who choose not to clip their birds' wings must take extreme care to make sure they don't fly away, she said.

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It's tough for a pet bird to find food and avoid predators out on its own, she said.

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"Although the parrot Wunsy came to her rescue, we are obviously very keen to trace the suspect and prevent him from attacking anybody else." The attacker is a white man aged 25 to 35 with short blond hair.

“He sits on my shoulder sometime so he can look at the wing mirror, but I’m not sure if he’s checking the traffic or himself out!

” Michael admits that if he had known at the start how “full on” looking after his feathered friend would become he might not have taken him in.He then praises him when he does as he is told and sits on top of Barney's cage.

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