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13-Aug-2017 17:42

Heavily pregnant Penelope Cruz has been spotted visiting her sister Monica, who has just given birth to her first child, a baby daughter.

Oscar-winning actress Penelope, who is expecting her second child, showed off her baby bump in a grey tshirt and leggings as she headed over to the Madrid hospital with her husband Javier Bardem to meet their new niece.

She said that in the first few months of pregnancy, she had "isolated" herself to avoid answering difficult questions.

"I wanted to avoid, above all, that they spoke about possible fathers, or the possible candidates to be it." But later, Monica said she felt "uneasy" about hiding the manner of the conception, believing that she was helping make it a taboo subject. To become pregnant, I turned to artificial insemination," she said candidly.

Just recently, however, a friend of mine from college expressed that the thought has crossed her mind. Being that neither of us is famous — or more importantly, rich — there’s so much to think through.

Currently single at 31, she’s not looking to get pregnant in the next few months. ” What if she’s in the same situation next year…at 35…at 37? Looking at the questions through the eyes of a friend my own age, the enormity of it seemed so much greater.

Mónica Cruz Sánchez (born March 16, 1977), better known as Mónica Cruz, is a Spanish actress and dancer.

She is also the youngest sister of fellow actress Penélope Cruz.

The actress told Spanish newspaper that she feared that if she waited to meet the perfect partner, it would be "too late for motherhood".

We doubt Omarosa would say she's glad she got fired -- hell, she won't even admit she was -- but she's definitely making the most of her newfound free time.

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