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09-Jul-2017 14:47

Favorite Pairings: In Harry Potter- Harry/Hermione (Harmony), Harry/Tonks (Honks), Harry/Fleur (Hleur), Harry/Lily, Harry/Susan Bones, Harry/Daphne Greengrass.

I can stomach Harry/Ginny and even like it a bit if it's well written.

I do realize that the writers of SG-1 had to make some situations like that or they never would have gotten ten seasons out of the show.

If you recognize any ideas or concepts similar to yours in my fic (SG-1/HP crossover writers) thank you for the idea and please take it as a compliment that I felt you had a fantastic idea.

In X-Men- Logan/Jean or Harry/Jean if it's a HP/X-Men cross In Stargate- Daniel/Sam, Cam/Vala or Vala/Teal'c (I've also thought about a Teal'c/Sam pairing but have never read that pairing)In HP/SG crossovers- Harry/Sam, and Harry/all of the other gorgeous females from the stargate verse (I'm currently publishing such a fic, Path, and it has over 150 smut scenes)In Smallville- Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lois, Clark/Alicia Baker, Clark/Kyla Willowbrook, and any combination of these with multiple women Anything with Jean Grey as long as the guy isn't an idiot.

It's also there for any author who wants to post news about updates to their fics.Also there are roughly one or two sentences about implied incest between Fleur and her sister. I will ignore your message if you flame me but I will gladly accept messages that provide constructive criticism.