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24-Sep-2017 18:08

About Rebecca Carvalho Rebecca is a 23 year old who is just as lost as you are about being in her early twenties.

She enjoys dark humor, good music, and a well-thought out pun.

There are people out there who are looking for a guy like you. But not everyone can lose weight by controlling caloric intake.

But trying to convince those guys they were wrong and shallow didn't help me. It doesn't have to be yoga, but I think finding something gentle and meditative to do that makes you feel like your doing some really deep self-care is critical.

I know you have bad experiences in your past, but you're going to need to learn how to get past them if you want to attract a decent girl. No girl is attracted to a guy with no confidence, who doesn't think he's worth dating.

EDIT: And as an additional note, my current boyfriend is over 230 lbs.

They're far better at cuddling and honestly, usually better in bed. I will say, regarding your description, confidence and personality has a LOT to do with it.

Being someone attracted to bigger guys, it was hard to date for a while because bigger guys tend to be shy/awkward/very self-deprecating.

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" is something you've heard so many times you can't even count.

They always keep you warm when it’s cold There’s more to hug/love/wrap your arms around Their thighs are thick, and you realize all you want is to have your head crushed by them (in a good way) All parts of them are comfortable.